@asbjorn I think there's a pretty big difference between kicking someone out of a bar for their race and kicking someone out of a bar for advertising their affiliation with a political party that advocates genocide


@jamesnvc @lazarski Absolutely! I agree.

I also think I interpreted "Nazi" differently from you. In my experience it is often used as a general slur against people with right-of-center opinions.

Of course there's a massive difference between being a literal 1930s-style National Socialist party member, and pretty much any other political affiliation.

and Of course there's a massive difference between having a political affiliation, and having a skin color. I'm not arguing otherwise.

@asbjorn @jamesnvc I get what you're trying to say but in this story the guy was wearing nazi insignia

@lazarski @jamesnvc Ehhh weeelll...
The first-person source of the story heard a second person describe the badges as "all sorts of nazi shit". Sounds pretty vague to me.

I have the impression that "real Nazis" (pro-genocide, pro-lebensraum) basically don't exist, and are essentially strawman created by people in the far left (people like you and me).

But that impression is mostly anecdotal, and I conceed that I might just be in a pretty lucky filter bubble.

@asbjorn yeah, just head over to /pol/, 8chan and gab and see how fucked up people can really be.


@asbjorn @lazarski @jamesnvc a friend of mine was tied to a fence with barb wire and left because he was Jewish. He came to the US as a Serbian escaping ethnic cleansing. My dad has been attacked multiple times for being Jewish. Some fucks from AB tried to recruit me because I was a white punk. They bragged about how they owned half the police in that small town.

Yeah... They exist, there are a lot of them, and they're dangerous...


@asbjorn @lazarski @jamesnvc and if you don't want to spend 30 seconds on /pol/ read the wikipedia page on Atomwaffen or basically any article from Rose City Antifa (rosecityantifa.org/).

@jamesnvc @lazarski
The point I am trying to make, is that I want to live in a world where I can have a reasonable conversation with a person whose views I find to be extremely disgusting or harmful.

I don't want to live in a world where people are only allowed to speak to people they agree with.

@asbjorn I totally agree but in my experience most card-carrying fascists are not going to engage in some kind of good faith debate where they're happy to adjust their opinions when presented with evidence that contradicts their worldview, you aren't going to get that reasonable conversation. De-radicalising someone from the far right takes a lot of work and in the meantime you can't passively tolerate fascism.

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, fascism, antifa 

@asbjorn @jamesnvc @Nikolai_Kingsley .m Um. There's a huge difference between racism and antifa.

Fascists try to abuse creatures' assumptions of good faith. So we can't give them any. Confirmed fascist -> ban.

“🎵 Can't we all get along 🎶” kumbayaing is nice and all, but if there's /any/ interaction with fascists, they will try to abuse it to spread fascism. So, with fascists, there can be no discussions, no debates, no reasoned arguments, no shared space.

This isn't ““irrational intolerance””. The bartender is right. You have to cull it immediately and always. Or one day you'll look at your local tab and realize that your instance is a Nazi instance.

Also, tolerating intolerance is a fallacy, and an extremely abusable one at that.

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