Really impressed with how fast adoption is moving.
Gitter and Teamspeak are native Matrix clients; Thunderbird has Matrix support in its' nightly builds, and now Firefox 90 will have native Matrix support!

They just ship with support for the URI scheme, right?

I'm hoping XMPP will get the upper hand at some point, with more clients supporting OMEMO and Jingle A/V chat, but wherever we end up I'll be that guy from the xkcd comic strip using IRC forever ;)
It's a well established federated standard that has been around forever.

I'm curious the other way around; why Matrix?

@smpl I like that Matrix replicates whole rooms instead of just passing messages. This helps when when joining a conversation late, or in a split network scenario, or after downtime.
HTTP/JSON is stupid simple, and means that I can write clients that run entirely in a browser. (Cactus would be very different on XMPP)
E2EE is default in DMs, and the key verification method is so smooth.
The spec is much more well-defined and less cherry-picky than XMPP.


@smpl but also I like the spirit of the community, element and in general.
Element feels like a "richer" client, like more of a discord replacement than an IRC replacement.
I think the focus on interop is really important, I use bridges to matrix extensively.
Element has done a lot of good for matrix adoption: Mozilla, KDE, GNOME, Der Bundeswehr, the French gov 't among others have all adopted Matrix, finally replacing IRC.

@smpl Luckily IRC, XMPP and Matrix all interoperate really well, so we don't all have to choose the same one 🤠

Yes, I don't know how prevalent it is now a days, but back when I first used XMPP most servers had built in bridges to MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc.

I thought that Matrix had some kind of fluid standard defined by the main implementation, but if it has a defined standard that's cool.

@smpl oh no it's very well-defined! There's a super transparent spec change process and everything too!
(or for the upcoming, new spec platform:

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