Jeg leder efter idéer til drikkevarer til en temabar med cykeltema. Er der nogen her der kender nogle øl, sodavand eller andre drikke der har noget med cykler at gøre? 🚴 🍺

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Libreboot X200 and T400 prices temporarily reduced on I have a large surplus of these.

Also, the regular shipping fees have been reduced. E.g. $60 for USA/Canada instead of 80. 15 for UK instead of 25.

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📢 Wir sagen Nein zur Zerstörung. Nein zur Ausbeutung natürlicher Ressourcen. Wir sagen Ja zu etwas anderem: zu Klimagerechtigkeit.

✊ Kommt in die #ZADRheinland und helft uns mit die Gesellschaft von morgen aufzubauen.

🔄 Teilt dieses Video, wir sehen uns in den Bäumen.


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Massive demonstrations against airport expansions!

The people in Catalonia and Spain don't want more flights and bigger airports! They want "more life, less planes": #MenysAvionsMésVida
That's what they showed yesterday – tens of thousands protested in Barcelona, Palma & Madrid.

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Imagine if we had put 20 years of effort into making the internet a safe and productive place for people to live their lives instead of optimizing dopamine output from each individual interaction

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never going to forgive any of the teachers that told me that "uwu handwritten letters have more of a policy impact than emails or phone calls"

none of it has any impact. fuck off.

Good shit fra ColdFusion om ETN bank fraud:
Og i den anledning: Howard Wilkinsons vidnesforklaring for det danske parlament er altid værd at gense:

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What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

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US election and covid-19 misinformation cold take

I think the strategy of the republican party to spread misinformation about election results and covid-19 is a continuation of the industry lobby strategy of spreading misinformation about eg. cigarettes causing cancer or CO2 causing climate breakdown.

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#OtD 19 Sep 2007 workers in Germany who had been occupying their bicycle factory against closure restarted production under workers' control, making "strike bikes". Learn more in this short account:

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Every toot has "language: en" or "language: de", etc. in the metadata that comes with it, so do any #Mastodon clients use to translate into language of choice?

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#OtD 19 Sep 1981 250,000-500,000 marched in Washington, DC in support of air traffic controllers who were fired by president Ronald Reagan for striking for safer conditions, shorter shifts, a 32-hour week and better pay.

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I dag er der god stemning og fyldt med kridttegninger på Nørrebrogade - man må nemlig ikke køre bil.

Bilfri dag er en vildt god idé. Gid det var sådan hele året.

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suicide mention 

Yesterday I had to go to the #police to sign some papers, that I'm not allowed to own any weapons.
I had to do this because I'm a #suicide risk.
I wish everybody had to sign this, including police officers.
And I wish "weapons" would be defined to include cars and cigarettes.

#AbolishWeapons #abolishCars #AbolishCigarettes

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#OtD 14 Sep 1989 seven members of the Aids campaign group ACT UP infiltrated the New York Stock Exchange and chained themselves to a balcony in protest at the high cost of the only Aids drug, AZT. Shortly after Wellcome cut its price by over 20%.

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#OtD 13 Sep 1879 Annie Kenney, cotton mill worker and pioneering direct action suffragette, was born. She and her friend and possible lover Christabel Pankhurst sparked the adoption of militant tactics across the movement. Learn more about such tactics:

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How much does a rainbow weigh?

 — Not much. It’s pretty light.

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related: wikileaks uncover email that suggests using more killer planes to improve their marketability

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