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**Julian Assange Wins Right to Appeal Extradition; Stella Moris Blasts "Politically Motivated Prosecution"**

"A British judge has ruled that political dissident and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can appeal his extradition to the United States. The ruling dealt a major blow to the Biden administration's efforts to put Assange on trial for espionage charges. Assange has spen…"

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Have to share this absolute masterpiece again:
A very honest story about a very evil boarding school, but more than that, about losing faith in the system, being an outcast, a lot of the dark sides of being human, courage, friendship, life - no less

Min pitch til Løvens Hule: fancy pour over nudler med instruktioner til hvilken vandtemperatur og hældemønster der giver den bedste aroma ligesom med pour over kaffe

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While the politicians of this world are discussing the climate crisis and repeatedly postponing concrete action, the lives of people and animals in northern Kenya are under acute threat. The region experienced extreme drought for two years in a row – with devastating consequences. Water points have dried up, the ground is just dust: giraffes and other wild animals are dying of thirst. Human livestock is also affected.

In September and November 2021 alone, more than 79 reticulated giraffes were found dead - dying of thirst - in the Bor'ana Community Conservation Area . The people who live here are mostly cattle breeders. They are also suffering enormously and have now lost more than 60 percent of their animals due to the ongoing drought .

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I am looking for the "most missing" native apps for mobile Linux to be built in 4th semester student internship projects using libhandy. My criteria:

- no such app exists or is in development with substantial progress
- open source reference implementation is available (e.g. desktop or Android app)
- the app is small and not very complex (good example: offline dictionary)
- the app is useful for a large userbase and not only in a niche.

Suggestions/ideas warmly welcome!

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"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in ... Mastodon ... There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
ht to @Doudouosm

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if crypto is gonna be the currency of the future it should be able to take irrational values. i would like sqrt(2) bitcoin please

Reminds me of the Seeds of Hope Plougshares action.
Just beautiful and so unusually brave

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Cars have the monopoly on traffic violence

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Theory is good for understanding how things work.

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++ Wildschweinwäldchen in Vlotho besetzt! ++

Das Wäldchen soll gefällt werden um Wildschweinen den Lebensraum zu nehmen - sie könnten Verkehr auf der nahen A2 behindern. Klimakrise? Nie gehört!

@StorckStoppen bleibt stabil 💪


It's apparently Martin Luther King day in the US, so here is Letter From Birmingham Jail, which I think is the most important thing we, as white moderates, can read about him:

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Over the large majority of our 2-million-year evolutionary history, Darwinian forces molded our brains to find kinship with nature. There is a profound disconnect between the natureless environment we have created and the “natural” affections of our minds.

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There’s nothing like seeing the nightmare futures dreamt up by sociopaths to spur you into action even on those days when you might feel like you just want to stay in bed with the covers over your head. Nope, can’t do that. Or else the fuckers win.

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Fatter ikke priserne i bazaren:
tre avokadoer: 10kr.
en dåse tomater: 17kr.
cirka samme gennemsnitspris som i Netto though. Jeg bliver desuden altid fristet til at købe en eller anden mærkelig krydderpaste. Er der interesse for en præsentation en gang i mellem så jeg kan dele glæden med nogen?

Jeg har en guilty pleasure for james bond, men havde glemt hvor meget bilreklame det er.

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Nø er et hyggeligt sted på nettet - uden reklamer eller unødvendig sporing. Ligesom virkelighedens Nørrebro, er alle velkomne her. 🇩🇰🐘 Nø er et etisk socialt medie - fordi vi kan.