We just closed six issues at once for a feature. Guess what's live now!?

Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at codeberg.page/ 💙

@lukas @codeberg I think Codeberg doesn't really want to officially recommend paid companies, so here's my personal experience: In Germany I like hosting.de (they are really cheap for .de and a bit on the expensive side for everything else), internationally Namecheap and Hetzner are quite good as far as my experience goes. Codeberg itself is at Gandi, which I think isn't too bad either.

@momar thank you that is a really helpful overview :) And thank you @codeberg for boosting.

@lukas @momar I have used Gandi.net for years for registrations and DNS hosting and have been very happy with their service.

@surendrajat yes, it doesn't come included where I bought my domains.

@lukas well. I tested a few and settled on cloudns.net for now. Working well.

@lukas our ecobytes.net members have access to a DNS management interface and domains.

An even nicer association has a dedicated setup for DNS management at desec.io/


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