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Terrible game idea: Conway's Game of Tetris

Like ordinary Tetris, except every time a block drops, the board evolves a step according to Conway's Game of Life rules.

Someone must have already made this, right?

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

I really like this style of fonts, It's also become quite popular lately. I guess it's called Grotesk Modern. Funny to see it on an 80s gardening book, I thought it was a new thing. @velvetyne has a great variant called Sporting Grotesque:

Although known as “blackletter”, these letters also work well with a finer line. This kind of closed-top, open-bottomed “y” is also very elegant.

The first known #chess pieces were found #Afrasaib, near #Samarkand in #Uzbekistan. They date back to 760 A.D.

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Grufuld orddeling 

Mange steder kan man dele ordet “kundeoplevelse” med en bindestreg. Mellem o'et og p'er er ikke et af dem.

Guldkorn fra den 3½-årige:
“Rigsdansk, det er dansk med ridser i.” 🤣

Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

Jeg synes, at strikkede sokker bare skulle kaldes strokker.

This is an amazing explanation and analysis of segmented displays with some very original designs thrown in. Be sure to watch Posy's other videos on the subject.

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Nø er et hyggeligt sted på nettet - uden reklamer eller unødvendig sporing. Ligesom virkelighedens Nørrebro, er alle velkomne her. 🇩🇰🐘 Nø er et etisk socialt medie - fordi vi kan.