Jeg er kommet til at lave mig en lidt skræmmende udregning.
Alle arbejdsdage tager jeg offentlig transport til og fra arbejde, i løbet af et år løber den transport tid næsten op i en måned brugt i en bus.
Havde jeg derimod kørt i bil, ville jeg på et år have brugt omkring 6dage i transport til og fra arbejde.

I don't want to go to bed in the evenings, and I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings.
Sleep, the most addictive drug ever.

Fuck my æ ø å, I'll just move to a English speaking country

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We got æ ø å,
Your charset ain't got the æ ø å.
We got æ ø å,
Your charset fucks with the convertion of æ ø å.

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Man drømmer man lever
man drømmer man ler
drømmer at man elsker
drømmer at man ser
- Grillbaren lukker nu

- Røde mor -

For ligesom romerne ik' ku' holde nallerne fra gallerne

Er der nu overvågning overalt i gaderne

Og jeg kalder det, verdens tredje krig

Hvor hagekors erstattes af en halvnøgen pige og et dollargrin

Trying to get Internet in our makerlab.
Contacting the ISP for private:
IPS: What's the address?
Me: *giving adress*
ISP: We don't have fiber in that area yet.

Contacting the ISP for buisness:
IPS: What's the address?
Me: *giving adress*
ISP: You can get a dedicated fiber, the price is....

I've been at 3 amazing and wild concerts in just 2 days, it's been crazy and I feel blessed with such good friends.

I've also been invited to swing tonight, but I'm not even sure I'll be able to carry my body to the door if I order food.

I don't do alcohol, but my body still feels beaten. Guess I'm getting old

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How many browser extensions/add-ons do you have? :blobcatgiggle:

I've got a couple of ~hundred projects (lost count), but some days (like today) I can't decide which project to work on or where to start. So I end up either cleaning or doing nothing for the entire day, while feeling stressed for not doing any progress, on any of the projects.

Guess I'm not alone with this problem?

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Almost 45min later and it's still updating, it's not even like I've been suppressing updates, this appeared out of nowhere. I'm totally baffled

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I have this old laptop that I install Windows on, just to play this one game I can't seem to get working on Linux.
I know Windows updates can be annoying, but right now my laptop is restarting mid game with like a 10seconds warning. I didn't even get to save my game... WTF Windows!?!

Just got my first vax shot and I must say, I'm so disappointed!
None of the advertised features works:
* My 5G still doesn't work.
* I haven't started emitting WiFi yet.
* And even the dobbelt tab on the chip, for direct support with Bill Gates doesn't work.

Is the features not activated until second shot?

Think I'll need to find a place on the countryside at some point, feel like I've become more noise sensitive on my old days.

I've often watched a movie and heard a name/nick, and thought this would be nice to use as a nick online.

When I then have to create a new account, I've always forgotten all the nice nicks and end up with something silly.
So I've decided to make a nick database, where I can store all the nicks I find in movies :)

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Nø er et hyggeligt sted på nettet - uden reklamer eller unødvendig sporing. Ligesom virkelighedens Nørrebro, er alle velkomne her. 🇩🇰🐘 Nø er et etisk socialt medie - fordi vi kan.